Laboratories for Department of Chemical Engineering

The department has 7 training laboratories and 4 research work laboratories, a total of 11 laboratories. Laboratory experiments of basic and professional academic courses, research work of graduate students, and foreign and domestic projects are being carried out in these laboratories.

                    Oil refining laboratory

Petroleum can be distilled in atmospheric or vacuum conditions to produce gasoline, kerosene, diesel fuel, oil fractions, and their residues. In this laboratory, the main parameters of quality and performance of fuel fractions produced by atmospheric and vacuum distillations are density, composition, sulfur content, saturated vapor pressure, mechanical impurities, water-soluble acids, and alkalis are can be determined under the standard requirement.




           Analytical Chemistry Laboratory


Laboratory experiments of determining the quantity and quality of chemicals for students who majoring in analytical chemistry conducted in the Analytical Chemistry Laboratory. As well as research work of graduate students is carried out in this laboratory.




Process and apparatus laboratory of chemical industry



The basic parameters of the chemical processing flow are determined by using the research versions of the semi-automatic and fully automatic equipment which are used in the chemical and natural raw material processing plants. And experiments are conducted to train engineers capable of controlling the production process with a computer system.







      Instrumental analysis laboratory


Chemical analysis of samples of organic and inorganic chemicals shall be performed by instrumental analysis. Sample elemental analysis, phase analysis, functional group analysis, individual surface, and pore sizing can be performed. This laboratory is used as a training and research laboratory.




Laboratory of combustible minerals processing


Experiments for oil, coal, natural gas, and shale deep processing technology are carried out in this laboratory. National and international joint projects are implemented and results in process modeling, and unit selection are published as research articles in domestic and foreign journals. It is also a training and research laboratory that can determine the physical and chemical properties of raw materials and products according to standard methods.



       Laboratory for graduate students


Projects, research, and contract works in the field of environment, water quality, and pollution, and water treatment technology can be implemented in this laboratory. Cooperative work with professional organizations in the field of surface and groundwater research in Mongolia carried out and research of master and doctor students conduct in it.